Why work with a local lender

Many people ask me why they would work with a local lender and the answers are plentifull for me. Number one is that I am the local lender so I would rather you chose me over some big bank lender. That keeps me employed and it keeps me paying rent on my office and it keeps folks employed in that office and it keeps food on the table for my family and the family of my employees, local appraisers and title companies. That is my selfish reason but I have some selfish reasons for you as well:

  • Get real advice from someone you will see in your community.
  • Get the same rates and fees or less for that good advice.
  • Have a resource that you can drop in on and call well after the transaction has closed.


I have been helping people for 2 decades and most of that has been right here in Sonoma County. I am proud of the work that I do and proud to have helped so many of my neighbors get into homes or save money on their mortgage payments or help work with financial planners to make a comprehensive plan for people. Most of my clients are referred to me, give me a call and find out why.

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About Hans

My goal is to give you the information so that you can make an informed decision on your next mortgage. If I can help you directly on a California mortgage that would be nice as well.

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