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What did he say? What is Financial Spring cleaning?

As a mortgage banker and broker, we have a shredding service that comes by and destrys documents and copies of our clients sensitive information when we are done with it. This is a service we pay for and they come periodically in a super cool truck and we can actually see the documents shredded and carted off. I am happy to report that Integrity Shred  in Santa Rosa is our shredding vendor and they recycle the paper and their name truly represents who they are.

Several friends of mine know that I have this service and over the years have asked to drop off their own sensitive documents that they have saved and wish to get rid of in a safe way. This got me thinking that it might be a really good idea to offer this service to the community that we serve so that they too can purge their garage or shed or home office of unwanted and sensitive documents.

Last year we had a woman stop by with 17 years worth of patient records from her husband’s medical practice. he had passed away years earlier and she felt she had hung onto them long enough. Please be considerate of others and bring no more than 10 boxes to shred.  Any more than that will simply take too long and hold up the process for others.

Talk to your friends and family and tax advisors and lawyers about how long to keep certain documents. Some things you may be advised to hang onto for 7 years and other items could possibly be tossed after 3 years.

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