Burma Shave in Guerneville, CA

I am definitely too young to remember Burma Shave ads along the highway but I have heard of it and I knew what was going on when I saw the signs along my beloved River Road stretching from the northern end of Santa Rosa all the way into downtown Guerneville. I did not understand what was going on exactly and why somebody was reviving the Burma Shave ad campaign when the product is not even around anymore.

I absolutely loved it and my friend and I took turns reading the catchy jingles with the punch line always being…. Burma Shave! This was the brain child of Allen Odell in 1926 and was an immediate hit well into the 60’s. Here is how it worked:









Watch below as my friends and I demonstrate how these work.



The whole idea is to have a little fun and to get people to stop in the cute little town of Guerneville and do a little shopping or get a sandwich and an ice cream….. basically not to just cruise right through.

We can thank Wendell Joost for coming up with this idea and executing it so well. I am not going to spoil anymore of the jingles or the story. You should go and live it for yourself. I will tell you this, you can go and read the catchy jingles on the roadway and then the last one lets you know that you can buy the jingle book in town at different merchants.

have fun this summer and take a drive! I know gas is expensive but it is cheaper than flying. In fact, you will have plenty of time to read the signs if you bike into town. You can get more information at www.burmashavesign.com

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3 Responses to “Burma Shave in Guerneville, CA”
  1. J. Balcomb says:

    I feel sure there must be some local or county roadside advertising ordinance that makes these roadside distractions illegal.

    • Hans Bruhner says:

      J. Balcomb: many people are extremely annoyed at these signs. I thought they were very clever and fun when they went up and I have become disinterested since I have seen them so much. It intrigues me when people get so upset though. My understanding is they are there for the summer and I believe they are all on private property.

  2. iris says:

    oh my goodness….i remember these. as a city girl who spent every summer on the russian river (grandparent’s cabin in duncan mills), these were portals leading the way. sometimes we’d even drive up off-season for abalone steaks at the russian river inn.

    amazing what researching men’s colognes/aftershaves from mid-century, brings up from the memory septic tank.


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