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I recently shared a Total Cost Analysis report with a Realtor to show her the options I had given to the client she had referred to me and she absolutely loved it and was just floored by all of the information and the vast array of choices presented to her clients. She was thinking that this was a fixed rate type of loan environment and that there were not really that many choices to make and you just choose a lender and move forward and it did not make much difference who you chose. I am happy to say that this report changed all of that in her mind and she felt compelled to refer all of her clients to me from that point forward and that was when I saw the real value of how I conduct my business.

Advisor Path

The she said something that took our conversation to the next level. She asked how I had shared this valuable information. I told her I had emailed it directly to the client so that both husband and wife could look at it when they had the chance and that online the report is actually interactive and then she said “It’s too bad you could not put yourself with the report so you could explain it as well as you did with me.”  She was completely blown away when I told her I had done precisely that and I showed her the following link.

Click here to see the report I showed her.

Years ago I decided that I was going to become a mortgage professional. I had been calling myself a pro for years but I actually wanted to become a pro and take my service and my business to the next level and I started investing in education so that I could go from Loan Officer to a consultant and a trusted advisor and in my travels I picked up some great information and some really powerful tools. I had come to take it for granted and this conversation reminded me that there are not that many professionals out there and even less trusted advisers.

I know this may read like a commercial for me or the way that I do business but it is much more than that. I believe strongly in what I do and the people that I serve and it has taken my relationships to a much higher level and that is what keeps me excited and engaged in what I do and ultimately what gets me to the office every day to continue to serve my clients.

If you want this type of service, give me a call or send me an email and let me know what you are thinking of doing with real estate today.

                                                                                                                  – Hans

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