Ask The Loan Man



Eli & Amanda bought their first home with a USDA loan which means no money down. They had a smart Realtor who got them a credit from the seller even on a short sale so they bought a house with $1,300 out of pocket.   Kim bought her first house with a USDA loan and no money down. The house appraised higher than her purchase price and we were able to finance in the closing costs as well so she bought her home with no money out of pocket at all.
  Zach & Mallary - 1st time home, FHA loan. These guys worked hard to get into this house but they did it with only $6,000 out of pocket!   Jon & Amanda - 1st time buyers

Freya - 1st time buyer

  ED - Bought his 1st house with an FHA 203k loan to fix up the house November 2009. After fixing it up, we refinanced him to a conventional loan with cash out in August 2010.

Jay & Shawna - move up buyers   Tona - 1st time buyer & repeat client

What is the word on the street?   A Different Ed - 1st time buyer & repeat client