Which Loan fits you?

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Look at the chart below to see which loan may fit you. Of course, you can always call or email me to discuss details and get you into the right home loan for you.

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Consumer Tips – How to buy a used car

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the meat of this video was shot and produced and edited by my friend Dave Bundtzen. He is awesome and I am trying to ride on his coat tails here. You can see more of Dave’s stuff at http://www.youtube.com/user/flixdigital

Burma Shave in Guerneville, CA

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I am definitely too young to remember Burma Shave ads along the highway but I have heard of it and I knew what was going on when I saw the signs along my beloved River Road stretching from the northern end of Santa Rosa all the way into downtown Guerneville. I did not understand what was going on exactly and why somebody was reviving the Burma Shave ad campaign when the product is not even around anymore.

I absolutely loved it and my friend and I took turns reading the catchy jingles with the punch line always being…. Burma Shave! This was the brain child of Allen Odell in 1926 and was an immediate hit well into the 60’s. Here is how it worked:









Watch below as my friends and I demonstrate how these work.



The whole idea is to have a little fun and to get people to stop in the cute little town of Guerneville and do a little shopping or get a sandwich and an ice cream….. basically not to just cruise right through.

We can thank Wendell Joost for coming up with this idea and executing it so well. I am not going to spoil anymore of the jingles or the story. You should go and live it for yourself. I will tell you this, you can go and read the catchy jingles on the roadway and then the last one lets you know that you can buy the jingle book in town at different merchants.

have fun this summer and take a drive! I know gas is expensive but it is cheaper than flying. In fact, you will have plenty of time to read the signs if you bike into town. You can get more information at www.burmashavesign.com

Shredding party in Sebastopol

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Financial Spring Cleaning



What did he say? What is Financial Spring cleaning?

As a mortgage banker and broker, we have a shredding service that comes by and destrys documents and copies of our clients sensitive information when we are done with it. This is a service we pay for and they come periodically in a super cool truck and we can actually see the documents shredded and carted off. I am happy to report that Integrity Shred  in Santa Rosa is our shredding vendor and they recycle the paper and their name truly represents who they are.

Several friends of mine know that I have this service and over the years have asked to drop off their own sensitive documents that they have saved and wish to get rid of in a safe way. This got me thinking that it might be a really good idea to offer this service to the community that we serve so that they too can purge their garage or shed or home office of unwanted and sensitive documents.

Last year we had a woman stop by with 17 years worth of patient records from her husband’s medical practice. he had passed away years earlier and she felt she had hung onto them long enough. Please be considerate of others and bring no more than 10 boxes to shred.  Any more than that will simply take too long and hold up the process for others.

Talk to your friends and family and tax advisors and lawyers about how long to keep certain documents. Some things you may be advised to hang onto for 7 years and other items could possibly be tossed after 3 years.

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Why work with a local lender

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Many people ask me why they would work with a local lender and the answers are plentifull for me. Number one is that I am the local lender so I would rather you chose me over some big bank lender. That keeps me employed and it keeps me paying rent on my office and it keeps folks employed in that office and it keeps food on the table for my family and the family of my employees, local appraisers and title companies. That is my selfish reason but I have some selfish reasons for you as well:

  • Get real advice from someone you will see in your community.
  • Get the same rates and fees or less for that good advice.
  • Have a resource that you can drop in on and call well after the transaction has closed.


I have been helping people for 2 decades and most of that has been right here in Sonoma County. I am proud of the work that I do and proud to have helped so many of my neighbors get into homes or save money on their mortgage payments or help work with financial planners to make a comprehensive plan for people. Most of my clients are referred to me, give me a call and find out why.

(Pulp) Loan Friction – The Wolf scenes

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Here are the famous Wolf Scenes for your viewing pleasure.

To watch the trailer for these scenes, click here.
To watch the Hunny Bunny & Pumpkin scene, click here.
To watch the Royale with cheese scene, click here.
To see the Butch Scenes, click here.

I have my own smart phone APP!

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I have my own smart phone APP!

I used to joke that if you needed to get a home loan, I had an App for that! Get it? I have a loan APPlication for that……. Yeah, nobody else thought it was that funny either.

Now I actually do have my own App at the apple store and I have a Blackberry App as well and it will soon be made into an Android app so I have all the bases covered.

It is pretty simple really. It is free and I can share it with anyone I like and they can use the mortgage calculator or the prequal tool or simply check my rates if I decide to post them (yes, it is interactive and the rates can be changed as often as I like). Right now I have it set to simply contact me for rates since it is a volatile market.

Hans' mobile app

I am excited at the prospect of sharing this with Realtors who can do a quick basic prequal and email it to a client right from the app or simply calculate a payment right there. Of course the goal here is to have Realtors running around with ME in their pocket all the time and hopefully that drives some business my way.

My clients can also use the tool to calculate payments and that will be helpful as they are out looking at homes or considering refinancing. The app can be shared right from the app itself by hitting the “tell a friend” button.

Have you heard of QR codes? They are kind of like bar codes and when you scan them, they canQR Codes give you messages in text or send you directly to a web site. They are pretty cool and the QR code to the right when scanned with your smart phone will determine what type of phone you have and send you to the right download spot.

You can also download at Working business card or simply search in your apps for LoanApps and download

You need a code to enable the app and my code is 7075299951 Try it if you like.

Loan Professionals: I did not create this app myself, I licensed it from a great company out of Canada and they have a US and a Canadian version and you can get it by clicking the banner below.

WBC to go


Hans Bruhner


(Pulp) Loan Friction – The Butch Scenes

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Here we go with next edition of Loan Friction and the Butch scenes. Watch as young Butch grows to a man and how that appraiser helped to shape his life.

To watch the trailer for these scenes, click here.

To watch the Hunny Bunny & Pumpkin scene, click here.

To watch the Royale with cheese scene, click here.

(Pulp) Loan Friction – Royale with Cheese

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Check out Jules and Vincent banter and wax poetic about loan programs pulp fiction style.

To See the trailer for these scenes, click here.

To See the Hunny Bunny and Pumpkin scene, click here

To see the Butch Scenes, click here.

(Pulp) Loan Friction – Scene 1

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The famous opening scene from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction as interpretted by lending and real estate professionals.

Watch as Pumpkin and Hunny Bunny discuss options in this market.

to see the trailer for these scenes, click here

To see the Royale with Cheese scene, click here.

To see the Butch scenes, click here.

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